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Wedding Spotlight: Eberley and Darrin

I met Eberley and Darrin early in 2016 at a McDonald's in Volo, IL. When meeting clients face to face, I like to meet in a mutually agreed upon location, preferably one with food available. Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, Panera, anywhere is fine with me as long as they are comfortable. Because my business is a microbusiness and I don't have a storefront, I suggest cozy places that are neutral. Now, I don't think of this McDonald's as very cozy, but as long as it was convenient and comfortable for them, I was happy to oblige.

Meeting new customers is both nerve-wracking (it's the introvert in me) and exciting. I get a chance to hear about their visions and show them what the paper flowers look like in person, and inevitably they are always amazed at how much more beautiful they are when they see them in front of them. Meeting Eberley and Darrin was no different, but I knew right away that they were a couple that I wanted to work with.

At the time, it was the most ambitious wedding order I had taken on. Not only were there a lot of pieces involved, but it would require some interesting new design on my part and a lot of small hydrangea work. Over the process of 12 months, Eberley and Darrin's vision evolved and I evolved with them (and we evolved to meeting at a cozier Dunkin Donuts, too), and I enjoyed every minute of working with both the bride and groom. They are a wonderful, down to earth couple, with a beautiful relationship. I'm pleased to share a selection of their photos with you for a glimpse at their lovely wedding.

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