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It Started With

A Wedding

Laura founded Paper Perennial in 2015 after creating the flowers for her own wedding and awakening a passion previously unexplored.  After seeing the delight and wonder on the faces of her friends and guests, she began crafting arrangements, bouquets, and small gifts professionally alongside her career as a high school English teacher.  She makes every order as personally and passionately as she did for her own wedding.  She lives in the northwest Chicago suburbs with her husband, Eliot.

Laura Garcia
Founder & Creative Director

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Given the nature of handcrafted floral design, every design option from color to paper variety is meticulously chosen.  We believe that your flowers are more than just a decoration, they're a reflection of personality.  Playful, elegant, bold -- whatever your style, we want to help you express it.  Our owner and creative director personally discusses orders with every client to capture the nuances of his/her vision.

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