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A Target-ed Romance: The Best Elopement Photos Ever

Saturday afternoon I was sitting at my kitchen table eating leftover fettuccine alfredo from Maggiano's the previous night when I received this text from my best friend Whitney.

Paper Perennial isn't mentioned in any of the articles (not that I would expect it to be), but for a little microbusiness like me, the excitement is off the charts! And gosh, what an awesome couple, too. I've already started following their Instagram page Cups of Target which is hilarious. This is the closest I've come to fame since I was mentioned on GMA's Wide World of Weddings in 2016. The couple kindly shared their photos with me so I'm giving you a glimpse into their beautiful elopement below. All photography is courtesy of Evan Rich Photography. Enjoy!

First, photos from their ceremony...

And now, some highlights from their adorable Target shoot!

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